Payment Solutions

Ask us about our payment solutions. We support online checkout/cashier buttons for web and mobile payments, and a refunds API that is equally easy to integrate. We also help make payments easier for customers with innovative QR code and text messaging (SMS) solutions.

Our solutions enable simple funds transfers between consumers and merchants.

Interac™ Request Money

Interac™ Request Money allows merchants to request and receive money from customers at any participating Canadian bank or financial institution.

When the consumer receives a payment request, they select their bank, login, and accept the payment. It’s simple and uses the highest levels of bank security.

Interac™ Send Money

Interac™ Send Money lets merchants send money to any end-user with an email address and a bank account in Canada—without collecting any other personal financial information. At Foghorn, this service is critical for refunds and credits back to consumers.

This national service provides merchants and other organizations with an efficient, low-cost electronic payment option.

Notifications are sent to the recipients’ email address or mobile phone number. Payments can then be accepted and deposited using online banking at the recipient’s financial institution of choice. Over 250 financial institutions are supported.

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